Are you in need of Middlesex County industrial asphalt paving services? No parking lot will not last forever. Eventually, you will have to deal with some sort of repairs. On average, concrete paving can last for about 30 years and asphalt paving will survive for about 25 years. Many factors will affect the longevity of your industrial parking lot. As soon as you lay hot asphalt mix, it begins to cure and at the same time, the aging process starts. A Middlesex County industrial asphalt paving company can come in handy when you have problems with your asphalt pavement. Below are some common signs to tell if you need parking lot repairs:

Middlesex County Industrial Asphalt Paving | Potholes:

Having potholes in your parking lot is not only an eyesore, but a safety risk as well. Potholes cause pain to drivers and they can damage vehicles. Potholes may occur when contraction and expansion of the soil under the pavement takes place. This can happen after there have been changes in weather. When water seeps down through cracks, it can settle underneath pavement surfaces and in winter, it can freeze and expand. As warm weather sets in, the ice may melt to create a void. Potholes will form as the paving material and soil over the void breaks down. 

Industrial Asphalt Paving in Middlesex County | Cracks:

As asphalt and concrete paving continues to age, they will develop cracks. Small, tiny cracks when caught early, may be sealed or filled by a paving contractor. But sometimes, you may delay repairing the tiny cracks and the rifts continue growing to have an alligator-skin look on the pavements. If this happens, you will most likely need to have the entire asphalt surface removed and another one laid. 

Middlesex County Industrial Asphalt PavingMiddlesex County Asphalt Paving | Pooling Water:

If after it rains, water is settling on the parking lot, it could begin to cause damage to the pavement. This may happen if the surface hasn’t been leveled properly. Pooling water may not necessarily mean that you need to get the pavement resurfaced, however, the drainage should be looked at. The water needs to be diverted off of the pavement surface. 

Asphalt Paving Contractor in Middlesex County | Warping:

You may notice that when heavy vehicles turn onto the pavement or if there is a faltering foundation, there will be buckling and warping of your parking lot. Depending on the extent of damage, you may just need a touch-up or a complete replacement of the asphalt pavement in case of any extensive damage.

Central NJ Industrial Asphalt Paving | Parking Lot Surface is Fading:

The color of your parking lot may fade away because of various reasons. One culprit is the UV exposure. The deep, black color of asphalt may turn gray with time due to weathering and exposure to ultraviolet rays. While routine seal coating may help delay the damage, it is important that when it can no longer be effective, you consider resurfacing the pavement. Oil spills and chemicals may also cause the pavement to have unsightly spots, which can result in degradation of the parking lot.

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